Rep. Taylor Greene to Newsmax TV: I Get Dirty Looks All The Time

Rep. Taylor Greene to Newsmax TV: I Get Dirty Looks All The Time

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, told Newsmax TV that she routinely is ostracized on Capitol Hill, from both Republicans and Democrats alike, saying she doesn’t care because the people in the “District of Communism” didn’t vote for her.

Appearing on “Greg Kelly Reports” to kick off its week-long examination of the “Cancel Culture War,” the first-term Georgia Republican showed off her mask – that she also wore on the floor of the House – that sported the phrase “This Mask is as Useless as Joe Biden.”

“Here in the District of Communism, is what I call it, I get the cultural version of dirty looks all the time and I couldn’t care less because the people up here, in this military state, with our big border wall, with razor wire around the capitol complex, nobody here voted for me and put me in Congress, it’s the people back home that did that and that’s where the real America is,” Taylor Greene said.

“You see, D.C. is like a big bubble. It’s a beltway. And they’re so disconnected from real people. They don’t understand that people don’t want be forced to walk around wearing these masks. A lot of these paper masks it’s like putting a napkin on your face and wrapping rubber bands around your ears.”

Taylor Greene, who won Georgia’s 14th Congressional district unopposed, is seen by many as a consequence of “cancel culture,” removed by Democrats from her committee assignments in the House of Representatives for her public statements and supposed threats – including a Facebook page posing with an AR-15 rifle and a collage of the members of the liberal “Squad.”

“I didn’t come here to join the swamp so I’m not jumping off the high dive into the murky waters and just joining and doing as what I’m told,” she said.

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