Rep. Lance Gooden to Newsmax: Biden Real Message to Migrants, ‘Come on Over’

Rep. Lance Gooden, R-Texas, told Newsmax Wednesday that the main message being sent to illegal migrants around the world by the administration of President Joe Biden is “come on over.”

“The message (Biden is sending to migrants) is the same message that the world has heard since the first of this year in January, and that is ‘come on over to the United States of America,’” Gooden said during “Spicer & Co.” Wednesday. “Our borders are not secure. We have no immigration policy that we intend to enforce, and that the Biden administration will welcome you with open arms while saying something else to the American people, and that’s what we’ve seen just in the last week on the southern border.”

More than 14,000 illegal migrants, mostly Haitians, are currently living in a makeshift camp under the Del Rio International Bridge just across the Mexican border with Texas.

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