Rep. Gohmert to Newsmax: Migrant Kids to Be Used for VP Harris’ Photo Op

Texas Rep. Louie Gohmert speculated on Newsmax that Vice President Kamala Harris would not visit the more densely populated border facilities in Donna, Texas, but will instead aim for a photo opportunity at the less densely populated facility in El Paso, where fewer kids can be seen struggling.

On Thursday, Gohmert, a Republican, told “American Agenda” why he thinks Harris will visit El Paso on Friday.

“She is, as I understand it, going down to El Paso. She’s not going to where the biggest problems are. She’s going to where the fence has been built, some of it private fence, some of it the federal government under President [Donald] Trump has built. But that’s not really the biggest problem. And so that’s probably why she’s going there. She’s not sticking her head in the sand; she’s just sticking her head where she can avoid seeing a lot of people pouring across the border.”

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