Rep. Fallon to Newsmax TV: March 4 House Shutdown ‘Epitome of Fake News’

Rep. Fallon to Newsmax TV: March 4 House Shutdown ‘Epitome of Fake News’

Rep. Pat Fallon mocked Democrats for their cancellation of last Thursday’s session of the House of Representatives for a supposed security threat, calling it “the epitome of fake news.”

Fallon, 53, the freshman Republican representing Texas’ 4th Congressional District northeast of Dallas, decried the decision on Newsmax TV, suggesting it was part of the Democrats’ fear campaign which includes the Jan. 6 breach at the U.S. Capitol.

“It was doubly fake news,” Fallon said on “The Chris Salcedo Show.” “When you have any kind of protest likes this, especially something that’s supposedly planned for two months, you’re going to see some folks come out. They don’t all come at the same time. There’s trickles. There’s people that will start protesting a month out.

“And then a week, three weeks out. And then a couple of days out. There was nobody. There was no one here in Washington for the last few months.”

While the Senate remained in session, Fallon said he stayed in Washington last week in an attempt to find a protester and could not spot not one.

“This is the epitome of fake news,” he said. “The people should be furious because that is a bald-faced lie, and it was a complete exaggeration. And for (House Speaker Nancy) Pelosi, with the hundreds of millions of dollars being spent on fencing, barbed wire, time for Capitol Police, overtime for them and the National Guard. It’s ridiculous

“The Guard needs to be sent home. The Capitol Police needs to do their job as before Jan. 6, as normal. And we’ll be safe as kittens. They’re propping up this Jan. 6 thing like it was an armed insurrection. It was 300 people criminally trespassing. It was not same thing as 9/11, and they’re trying to make it to be that way.”

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