Pew Poll: US Reputation Takes Hit for Virus Response

Pew Poll: US Reputation Takes Hit for Virus Response

The United States has taken a hit to its reputation around the world due to its response to the coronavirus pandemic, according to a survey from the Pew Research Center.

Between 2019 and 2020, the favorability view of the United States has fallen in Japan (-27), South Korea (-18), Italy (-17), Australia (-17), France (-17), the U.K. (-16), Canada (-16), the Netherlands (-16), Germany (-13), Spain (-12), and Sweden (-12).

In 13 countries, about eight in 10 people said the “U.S. has handled the virus badly.”

Only one-third of Canadians and 10% of Germans have a positive outlook of the United States.

South Korea has the highest regard for the United States at 59%. That number in the country has dropped significantly since last year from 2017 when it was 75%.

Support for the United States is the highest among people who support right-wing populist parties in Western European countries.

The poll also examined how people around the globe view world leaders. German Chancellor Angela Merkel had the highest confidence rating at 64% compared to President Donald Trump, whose rating was only 16%.

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