Pete King to Newsmax TV: Biden’s Migrant Policy a ‘Self-Inflicted Wound’

Pete King to Newsmax TV: Biden’s Migrant Policy a ‘Self-Inflicted Wound’

President Joe Biden is so intent on reversing everything that former President Donald Trump did on immigration that he is performing a “self-inflicted wound” on his own administration and harming the entire country while creating an “inhumane” situation for the migrants, former Rep. Pete King told Newsmax TV Saturday. 

“He’s basically telling Mexico that they don’t have to keep the immigrants down in Mexico, just let them come across the border, where they’d be processed and released back into our country,” the New York Republican said on Newsmax TV’s “The Count.”

Also as a result, the number of unaccompanied minors coming across the border will go up well over 100,000 this year, and will have an impact on the country, said King. 

“The Department of Health and Human Services takes them, they placed them with families around the country,” said King, adding that many immigrants who live in his district are law-abiding, but some have arrived who are involved in the MS-13 gangs and more. 

“We’re encouraging families and send their kids … to get them in here,” and they will need to be confined, which is something the Biden administration has criticized President Donald Trump for having done. 

“It’s going to have a real economic impact, number one,” said King. “It’s going to have a social impact. So many of them apparently are testing positive for COVID, and they’re released into the country. If you come back from Europe, you have to be tested … but people are coming across (the border) and testing positive for COIVID and they’re still coming into the country.”

King also slammed accusations that the Trump administration’s immigration policy had been inhumane, saying that Biden’s policies are actually the ones that are inhumane. 

“There’s nothing more inhumane than holding out a promise … you can’t fulfill,” said King.  

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