New York Grocery Store Owner’s Trump Discount Sparks Calls for Boycott

New York Grocery Store Owner’s Trump Discount Sparks Calls for Boycott

A Long Island, N.Y., grocery store announced a new promotion that offered a tempting discount to supporters of President Donald Trump — but sparked threats of a boycott from critics.

Fresh Food Supermarket in suburban Oakdale posted an ad on its Facebook page announcing the 20% discount for Trump supporters.

According to the ad, customers can get the discount, which excludes beer, by mentioning at the cash register that they are a Trump supporter.

Owner Jose Colon said the blowback was so fierce that on Thursday he also decided to give a discount to Joe Biden supporters, Newsday reported.

Colon, a native of the Dominican Republic who now is a U.S. citizen, said social media users threatened to boycott and make calls to local health inspectors, Fox News reported.

”Way to alienate customers,” wrote one Facebook commenter, Fox News reported.

”I will make sure friends out that way don’t shop in your store. When you support Trump that tells us that you don’t care about what he has done to this country and how he has hurt the environment and taken away the rights of so many, including women, LGBTQ, other minorities, and immigrants.”

Colon told Fox News the criticism caught him off-guard.

”We’re supposed to live in a free country,” Colon told Fox News. ”This is weird. It’s crazy.”

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