New FAA Rules May Keep Bezos From Being An Astronaut

Jeff Bezos may not be considered an astronaut after his flight this past week after all, but rival billionaire Richard Branson might still qualify, according to the Federal Aviation Administration’s newest rules.

The FAA on Tuesday, the same day Bezos and three others took flight in his Blue Origin vessel, released a new order on its Commercial Space Astronaut Wings Program altering its requirements that must be met before a prospective astronaut earns his or her wings, reports Fox Business. 

According to the guidelines, to be called an astronaut, people must meet the FAA’s requirements for flight crew qualifications and training, travel for 50 miles above the surface of Earth on an FAA/AST licensed or permitted launch or reentry vehicle, and demonstrate activities during the flight that are essential to public safety or that contribute to human space flight safety. 

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