Navigator Poll: Majority Says Trump Gave Up on Fighting Virus

Navigator Poll: Majority Says Trump Gave Up on Fighting Virus

A majority of American voters say President Donald Trump has given up fighting the coronavirus pandemic, according to a new poll.

A Navigator Research Poll released Wednesday indicated three in five voters say the president has stopped fighting the virus on behalf of the country. Of those who backed the president in 2016, a quarter agree he is no longer fighting to stop the spread of the virus.

Poll results show:

  • 70% of Democrats feel strongly the president does not care about containing the outbreak.
  • 49% of Republicans feel Trump is fighting hard against the virus.
  • 52% of Americans feel strongly Trump wants what is best for himself over what is best for the country.
  • 41% of Americans say they trust Trump to provide truthful coronavirus vaccine information.

According to the survey results, half of Americans are worried “the worst is yet to come” when it comes to the coronavirus outbreak. While 71% of Americans reported they are pro-vaccine, only half said they would get a coronavirus vaccine when one is available.

The poll indicated a majority of Americans said they knew someone who had coronavirus. Hispanic Americans and Black Americans were one and a half times more likely to know someone who has died from coronavirus, according to the results.

The poll surveyed 1,007 registered voters between Sept. 10-14.

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