Navarro to Newsmax: Evidence Fauci Involved in Wuhan Lab ‘Over the Moon’

Peter Navarro, the former director of the Office of Trade and Manufacturing Policy, told Newsmax on Monday that the likelihood Anthony Fauci is responsible for the COVID-19 pandemic is “over the moon.”

“Now we know that Tony Fauci gave them [Wuhan Institute of Virology] American taxpayer dollars to fund gain-of-function experiments that can turn a harmless bat virus into a human killer,” Navarro claimed on “Eric Bolling The Balance.” “The likelihood that the virus that Tony Fauci is making a career on came from Tony Fauci to begin with is over the moon. He did it. He should be held accountable.”

The comments from Navarro come after the once-fringe conspiracy theory of United States funding to the Wuhan laboratory in China became widespread several months ago, according to BBC News.

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