LA Sports Teams May Be Causing Coronavirus Spike

LA Sports Teams May Be Causing Coronavirus Spike

Sporting events involving Los Angeles teams could be pushing the county’s coronavirus cases, according to Washington Examiner.

The county recently surpassed 300,000 coronavirus cases, including 7,000 deaths, making it the most incidents of any county in California.

“Today marks another tragic milestone as 7,000 L.A. County residents have passed away from COVID-19,” Director of Public Health Barbara Ferrer wrote in a press release. “We report these numbers each day understanding how many people across our community are grieving someone who has passed away from COVID-19.”

Fans of L.A. sports teams have recently celebrated the Los Angeles Lakers winning the NBA title earlier this month, and the Dodgers leading the Tampa Bay Rays 3 to 2 in the World Series. Additionally, the Rams and the Chargers started their NFL seasons in September.

“This pandemic has forced so many to sacrifice so much this year, and we recognize the frustration and disappointment with restrictions on large gatherings, celebrations and events,” Ferrer said. “For now, it is simply not safe to celebrate the way we usually do. Being close to others not in our household, carries with it a lot of risk for transmitting COVID-19, so it remains necessary to modify activities to be as safe as possible.”

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