Jon Hamm Gave Up 60 Percent of His ‘Confess, Fletch’ Salary to Fund Film

“Confess, Fletch” star Jon Hamm gave up 60% of his salary to fund the film after financiers declined to pay for the indie project, saying that nobody would care about the crime comedy.

The actor’s selfless act was revealed by director Greg Mottola during an interview with Uproxx. He explained that the money Miramax executive Bill Block had pumped into the film could cover 27 days of filming, but they needed to shoot for at least 30 days. Hamm and Mottola set out to find funding for the three extra days of filming, but they were rejected by every financier.

“We looked for partners on the movie, and everyone passed. Everyone said, ‘I don’t know that this kind of comedy works in this day and age.’ They just had a kind of like, ‘Who’s Fletch? I don’t think anyone cares anymore,’ ” Mottola said.

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