Increasing Gas Costs Plague Dems for Midterms 5 Weeks Away

Gas prices in the last week have begun rising throughout the United States, which, as Breitbart posits, could impact voters’ decisions in the upcoming midterm election on Nov. 8.

According to recent AAA data, in California, gas in the last week has risen by 52 cents to $6.412 per gallon. For Arizona, which is seen as a contentious battleground state, the price last week leaped 30 cents. In the swing state of Nevada, the price jumped nearly 40 cents in the past seven days. And for Washington state, which poses an upset for Democrats’  in the Senate race, the price since last Tuesday went up 30 cents.

As Breitbart interprets the situation, much of the blame is due to President Joe Biden’s policies. While campaigning in 2020, Biden made a promise to reduce oil drilling. And before Russian President Vladimir Putin invaded Ukraine, which the president has blamed for higher gas prices, Biden, in one of his first actions as president, signed a series of executive orders prioritizing climate change.

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