GOP Hits Biden/Harris Camp for Casting Doubt on Coronavirus Vaccine

GOP Hits Biden/Harris Camp for Casting Doubt on Coronavirus Vaccine

Members of the Republican Party this week slammed the Democratic White House ticket for implying that President Donald Trump’s push to accelerate the release of a coronavirus vaccine makes it unsafe.

Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden and his running mate, California Sen. Kamala Harris, have both said that a coronavirus vaccine is vital, but both have also made comments suggesting that the Trump administration’s push to get one approved quickly is a cause for concern.

“The fact that they refuse to say ‘yes, I will take the vaccine,’ when public health experts have already said it is untainted by politics is reckless and wrong,” the Trump campaign said in a press release earlier this week, according to Fox News.

Harris told CNN earlier this month that she “will not take [Trump’s] word” on a coronavirus vaccine. And although Biden said later that Trump is undermining confidence in a vaccine, he did say he would take one if it were available tomorrow.

“As part of our Commitment to America, House Republicans have a clear plan to work with President Trump to defeat the virus and keep America healthy by rapid COVID testing, developing a safe and effective vaccine, and modernizing our medical stockpile,” said House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., in a statement. “Contrast that actionable agenda with Democrats’ irresponsible plans: Joe Biden wants to shut the economy down, Kamala Harris is dangerously sowing doubt — without evidence — about the promise of a vaccine, and Speaker Pelosi continues to push her liberal wishlist legislation that mentions ‘cannabis’ more than it mentions ‘jobs.'”

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