Giuliani to Newsmax: US Missing ‘Historic Opportunity’ Against Iran

The United States is missing a “historic opportunity” to take out Iran’s nuclear facilities while it ramps up its aggression against Israel, former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani said Saturday night on Newsmax after Iran sent a barrage of drones and missiles toward Israel in a retaliatory strike for the Damascus attack earlier this month.

“Every time I was mayor and I had to make a difficult decision, I would say What would Ronald Reagan do?” Giuliani said. “I know what Ronald Reagan would do right now. He would have hit Iran before their first missile got to Israel, and he would have taken out every nuclear facility he could because he would have been trying to look for an opportunity to do that for years.”

But instead, Giuliani said, “the traitors who run our government” are more concerned that Iran will rebuild its nuclear sites.”

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