Former DHS Sec. Wolf to Newsmax: Biden’s ‘Don’t Come’ Border Messaging Failing

Former Acting Department of Homeland Security Secretary Chad Wolf says President Joe Biden’s message to immigrants to not come to the U.S.-Mexico border is not working.

“This administration would like you to believe that it’s just Mexicans and officials, or individuals, from the northern triangle coming into the country. But what the data shows is that individuals from other countries, other than Mexico and the northern triangle, are coming to the border in higher and higher numbers each, and every month,” Wolf, who served as the head of the agency under former President Donald Trump told Newsmax TV’s “American Agenda” Monday.

“The messaging that the Biden Administration has put out there, talking about ‘now is not the time to come (to the United States),’ it’s not working, their policies are not working, and the numbers, and the images that we see today, are an example of that.”

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