FBI Director’s CCP Links Exposed After FBI Arrest Leading Anti-CCP Dissident Guo

All throughout the presidency of Donald Trump, his critics pushed a bogus conspiracy theory that he was a pawn of the Kremlin. Not a day went by when some pundit wasn’t spouting unhinged nonsense about “Russia, Russia, Russia.” As was revealed over the years, the conspiracy was the brainchild of the Clinton campaign, and advanced by America’s intelligence agencies.

It’s interesting that amid CCP infiltration of those very intelligence agencies, as has been extensively documented, all attention was on Russia. The bogus Russia narrative served an additional purpose for the CCP; it diverted attention away from them and directed it towards a largely exaggerated enemy.

After anti-CCP dissident Guo Wengui (also known as Miles Guo) was thrown in prison by the Biden DOJ in March, all eyes have been on the FBI. READ MORE

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