Dick Morris to Newsmax: Trump ‘Orchestrating Makeover’ of GOP

Dick Morris, a political operative and adviser to former President Bill Clinton, told Newsmax Saturday that former President Donald Trump has “orchestrated a makeover” of the Republican Party and will likely run again in 2024 because he has already solved the problems now plaguing the nation.

“Clearly, he’s running,” Morris, the author of the book “The Return: Trump’s Big 2024 Comeback” said during “Saturday Report.” “The key thing to remember is that Donald Trump is the only candidate — and I stressed this in my book — who can say the four magic words, ‘I did it already. You can’t control borders? Nonsense, I did it already. Inflation is inevitable in our global economy. Nonsense, I held prices down already. You can’t get gas back to $2; there’s a global shortage. I did it already.’ And in each of the areas that are [President Joe] Biden’s problems and Democratic problems, Trump solved them already.”

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