DeSantis Spokesperson to Newsmax: No VP Race on Trump Ticket

Carly Atchison, a spokesperson for Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, on Newsmax Tuesday ruled out the possibility of DeSantis joining former President Donald Trump as a running mate — but said if Trump wants to be DeSantis’ vice president, “maybe we could talk about that.”

“Ron DeSantis has made very clear [that] he’s in this to be president of the United States and not to be somebody but to do things for the American people,” Atchison said during Newsmax’s “Wake Up America,” adding that while he’d previously supported Trump, the former president “didn’t deliver” on his promises. 

“He promised to build a border wall,” she added about Trump. “He promised to eliminate the national debt, a lot of things that Americans were ready for, and he didn’t deliver on his promises.”

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