COVID in Black and White: A Conversation With Dr. Marilyn Singleton

The following column is adapted from “The Michael Savage Show” podcast, available for download on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and wherever podcasts are heard.

In today’s podcast we talk with Dr. Marilyn Singleton, an incredibly great lady. Dr. Marilyn Singleton MD JD has written an op-ed called “COVID 19 Speaking Up in Black and White.” Dr. Singleton is a board certified anesthesiologist. She is past president of the association of American physicians and surgeons. She also attended UC Berkeley law school focusing on constitutional law and administrative law.I’ve interviewed Dr. Singleton before, and I had no idea she was African-American. It’s important that you know that she is African-American before we talk about COVID and the relationship to ethnicity and why brown skinned and black skinned people have higher rates of COVID.Savage: Welcome Dr. Singleton. Getting right to the heart of things, how are children who are being told that math is racist, going to be able to do anything in their lives?Singleton: The sad part is no one is born a victim, even in the worst circumstances – if we develop a proper attitude that we’re human beings. And that’s what the most important thing is. We’re human. We have a brain, we have talents. Everyone has different talents, but we all have something to contribute. And that’s what needs to be fostered in kids. Everyone, everyone has something to contribute.Savage: Critical Race Theory is clearly Marxist to the core. It’s meant to deconstruct and implode a society, turn people against each other. 

Singleton: There’s more to Black history than slavery. And yes, slavery was hideous. We can’t deny that. But the other thing we can’t deny is the long history of Black achievement, even before the emancipation in the 1700s. Black people were achieving in the United States. So this idea that there is no way we’ll ever succeed, it’s just plain wrong. And all it does is set people up for excuses rather than trying to achieve.

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