CDC Defies Trump Ban on Critical Race Theory Training

CDC Defies Trump Ban on Critical Race Theory Training

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is moving forward with employee training on critical race theory for its employees despite a recent memo from the Trump administration prohibiting such training by federal agencies using taxpayer dollars, National Review reports.

Trump in early September instructed federal agencies to stop racial sensitivity training with a White House memo, saying the initiatives are contrary to the nation’s “fundamental beliefs.”

Nevertheless, the CDC, is set to hold a 13-week critical race theory program addressing America’s “white supremacist ideology,” according to National Review.

The series is titled, “Naming, Measuring, and Addressing the Impacts of Racism on the Health and Well-Being of the Nation and the World,” and will include a presentation from physician and civil rights activist Camara Phyllis Jones.

CDC employees will be taught to “identify three levels of racism” and “examine the mechanisms of systemic racism.” Early sessions focus on “racism, sexism, and other systems of structured inequality.” Sessions set for later will look at “racism as a public health crisis.”

The CDC, National Review notes, blames systemic racism for “police killings of unarmed Black and Brown men and women” and the “view of Black men as inherently threatening” as well as “the disproportionate impact of COVID-19 on communities of color.”

CDC employees will be told to “target” certain “societal barriers to achieving health equity,” such as a “narrow focus on the individual,” the “myth of American exceptionalism,” and the “myth of meritocracy,” defined as, “If you work hard you will make it.”

Trump’s early September memo gave Office of Management and Budget Director Russell Vought 30 days to issue guidance to agencies “on restricting eligibility of or otherwise disfavoring, to the maximum extent permitted by law, anarchist jurisdictions in the receipt of federal grants that the agency has sufficient lawful discretion to restrict.”

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