Biden Says Unvaxed Can ‘Die Every Day’ Same Day He Sets July 4 Vax Goal

On the same day President Joe Biden announced his goal of having 70% of Americans with at least one COVID-19 vaccine dose by July 4 and as he has been taking heat for “theater” for continuing to wear a mask even after being fully vaccinated himself, he warned on Tuesday that Americans can still die “every day” from the virus if not fully vaccinated.

“There’s one fact I want every American to know: People who are not fully vaccinated can still die every day from COVID-19,” the president said in remarks from the White House.

The Daily Caller tweeted out the quote and featured a snippet of video that featured the president saying it.

Several people mocked Biden on Twitter, some seeing it as a gaffe — that a person can’t die “every day.”

Did you know that you can die everyday from COVID?

We can die everyday so more than once? That is impressive

Others took the words more literal, and their criticisms were pointed in that direction:

“People who are not dead can still die from literally ANYTHING.”

People who are not vaccinated also have a 99% chance to survive….eat right, exercise and take care of yourself, that simple

Fact check: we’re ALL going to die. And you can’t do a thing to stop it. You’re not entitled to immortality because you inject yourself with an experimental drug to prove your allegiance to Marx or in the hope that ‘they’ will just leave you alone if you do what they want.

The Caller noted other gaffes in Biden’s Tuesday speech, pointing out that at one point he called on people “to continue to follow the CCD guidelines — the CDC guidelines.”

At another point, Biden misspoke the name of the new vaccine website before correcting himself, then getting it wrong again.

“We’re going to make it easier than ever to get vaccinated. Visit vaccines.gum — .gov — vaccines.gum — or text to, text your zip code to 438829,” he said.

Demand for vaccines has dropped off markedly nationwide, with some states leaving more than half their available doses unordered. Aiming to make it easier to get shots, Biden called for states to make vaccines available on a walk-in basis and he will direct many pharmacies to do likewise.

His administration for the first time also is moving to shift doses from states with weaker demand to areas with stronger interest in the shots. Critics have been calling on him to make the move for weeks.

“You do need to get vaccinated,” Biden said from the White House. “Even if your chance of getting seriously ill is low, why take the risk? It could save your life or the lives of somebody you love.”

Biden’s goal equates to delivering at least the first shot to 181 million adults and fully vaccinating 160 million. It’s a tacit acknowledgment of the declining interest in shots.

Already more than 56% of American adults have received at least one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine and nearly 105 million are fully vaccinated. The U.S. is currently administering first doses at a rate of about 965,000 per day — half the rate of three weeks ago, but almost twice as fast as needed to meet Biden’s target.

“I’d like to get it 100%, but I think realistically we can get to that place between now and July Fourth,” Biden said of his new goal.

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