Biden Campaign Releases Ad Blitz During NFL Games

Biden Campaign Releases Ad Blitz During NFL Games

Joe Biden’s presidential campaign is releasing four new television advertisements this week to target NFL fans, The Hill reported on Sunday.

The first two the ads were shown during the Sunday game between the Pittsburgh Steelers and Cleveland Browns, teams from the battleground states of Pennsylvania and Ohio.

The ads focus on President Donald Trump’s mismanagement of the coronavirus pandemic, the importance of voting in November and Trump’s character. 

In one of those ads, an Ann Arbor, Mich., restaurant/club owner says, “For 50 years the Blind Pig has been open and crowded, but right now it’s an empty room. This is the reality of Trump’s COVID response.”

Another ad scheduled for the nationally televised Sunday night game between the Los Angeles Rams and the San Francisco 49ers focuses on the theme of Trump’s comments reportedly mocking army veterans, which the president denies.

The advertisement, “Worth Fighting For” highlights a veteran named Matt from Lancaster, Penn., who suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder and slams Trump, who reportedly called Americans who died in World War I “losers” and “suckers,” with Matt saying, “My friends – they are not suckers.”

The Biden campaign is also set to air an ad during NFL’s Monday Night Football matchup.

The ad blitz comes as Biden’s campaign has outspent Trump’s campaign on television ads by nearly $25 million during a two-week period from late September to early October, according to an analysis last week from the Wesleyan Media Project.

One 30-second TV spot during an NFL game cost around $419,000 in 2019, according to AdAge.

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