Acting US Attorney in Georgia: ‘There’s Nothing to’ Election Fraud Cases

Acting US Attorney in Georgia: ‘There’s Nothing to’ Election Fraud Cases

The acting U.S. attorney for Northern Georgia, installed after his predecessor reportedly angered President Donald Trump for not finding election fraud, dismissed two election fraud cases on his first day.

In a recording obtained by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, acting U.S. Attorney Bobby Christine told staffers Monday he’d rejected the “high profile” election-related cases because “there’s just nothing to them.”

“I can tell you I closed the two most — I don’t know, I guess you’d call them high profile or the two most pressing election issues this office has,” he said. “I said I believe, as many of the people around the table believed, there’s just nothing to them.”

He also said he found fewer election-related investigations in the office than he expected.

“Quite frankly, just watching television you would assume that you got election cases stacked from the floor to the ceiling,” said Christine. “I am so happy to find out that’s not the case, but I didn’t know coming in.”

The former prosecutor whom Christine replaced was Byung “BJay” Pak, who resigned last week. The news outlet noted the Trump administration passed over the top career prosecutor as Pak’s replacement, opting instead for Christine, who served as the U.S. Attorney for the southern part of the state.

According to the Journal-Constitution, Pak appeared to be referenced in the recording of Trump pressuring Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger to “find” enough votes to reverse Biden’s victory in the state. On the call, Trump told Raffensperger that in Georgia “you have your never-Trumper U.S. attorney there.” Pak resigned a day after the call was made public.

In the tape of Christine’s remarks to the staff, he reassured them he was there to “do no harm.”

“I’m not coming up here to be an election lawyer,” he said, the news outlet reported. “I’m not coming here for that purpose.”

Christine said he brought the two election attorneys to help with what he assumed was a “dump truck full” of election files, but instead found “very, very few.”

So far, Christine said the election cases were overblown, and cited the two cases he closed last Wednesday, the news outlet reported.

“In my opinion, there is no there, there,” he said.

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